Why Buffet Catering is Popular? Here are 6 Reasons

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Are you hosting a party for your family and friends? Confused whether to offer plated meals or buffet? Food presentation and taste are two things you can impress your guests with. This is where buffet systems excel. Keep on reading to learn the most compelling reasons for hiring a buffet catering Cape Town service for your next event:


A unique advantage of buffet is that it is suitable for almost any event or social get together. A buffet can be set up in no time by professional caterers. It works well with both indoor and outdoor events. Buffet system is quite popular in weddings, corporate events, galas, and more. Expert catering services follow the trends on buffet presentation to make it as appealing as possible to your guests.

Variety of Foods:

A great benefit of buffet catering is the variety of foods you can offer to everyone. With plated meals, the dishes served will be pretty limited. On the other hand, buffet offers quite a range of delicious foods for people to choose from. Always deal with a catering Cape Town service that tailors their menu based on the requirements of yourself and your guests.

Custom Portions:

The portion size of plated means is usually fixed, which can be both good and bad for the guests. Not everyone would be happy with the quantity of food being served, especially when they are really hungry. This is never a problem with a buffet system. Guests can choose any food in sumptuous quantities until they are full. Reliable catering services will prepare sufficient amount of food for everyone attending your event.

Great Food Presentation:

Food presentation matters a lot regardless of the type of event. Professional catering Cape Town experts put their presentation skills to good use, and arrange the dishes appropriately to make it eye-appealing. Good presentation not only makes your food more attractive, but also helps your guests to easily find and pick the dish they want.


Contrary to popular belief, buffet is inexpensive when compared to plated meals. Professional caterers will prepare the food in bulk, which won’t be served in plates separately. This will reduce the number of serving staff required. Also, buffet catering services will customise their offerings based on your budget and needs, thereby making it even more affordable for you.

Accommodates Diet Restrictions:

Dietary restrictions are something that any event organiser have to deal with. Some people might be allergic to gluten or eggs, whereas others prefer only vegetarian dishes. Fortunately, a reputable catering service will cater to such diet restrictions before setting up the buffet.

You can never go wrong with buffet. Talk to an expert specialised in event catering Parramatta, and they’ll do everything to present a full-fledged buffet for your event.

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