Terms & Conditions


In order to avoid any misunderstandings regarding reservations, the following are our terms of trading. In choosing

Mad About Spit Braai as your Spit Braai Specialist, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

  1. Quotations

1.1. All prices are valid for 1 month.

1.2. Prices are based on specific number and the final costs will vary according to the number of

guests, event timings and menu choices.

1.3. We reserve the right to amend prices should our cost price fluctuate beyond our reasonable


  1. Confirmation

2.1. All bookings must be confirmed with a deposit.

2.2. The deposit and/or email confirmation will be regarded as acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

  1. Final Numbers

3.1. Confirmation of final guests and dietary requirements is required 5 working days prior to the event unless otherwise agreed with Mad About Spit Braai in writing.

3.2. Should numbers decrease within this time we reserve the right to charge the original quoted price.

  1. Deposit

4.1. Mad About Spit Braai requires a 50% deposit in order to confirm the event.

4.2. All deposits are subject to our cancellation policy.

4.3. The remaining 50% will be due 5 days prior the event.

4.4. Please sent proof of payment to info@madaboutspitbraai.co.za

  1. Cancellation

5.1. Cancellation charges are payable, for cancellation of any event or part of an event which has been confirmed by the client and or where food, material and labour cost have already been incurred.

The following charges will apply:

5.1.1. Within 60 days of event – 25%

5.1.2. Within 30 days of event – 50%

5.1.3. Within 10 days of event – 100%

5.2. Any liability to subcontractors and suppliers or other direct costs or expenses incurred on behalf of the client will also be charged to the client.

  1. General

6.1. All of our set menus excludes labour costs.

6.2. Crockery and cutlery are not included but can be supplied on request at an extra cost.

6.3. All catering functions are for a minimum of 35 people in order to spit a whole lamb carcass.

6.4. Delivery fee to be quoted on.

6.5. Our spit braai services include the following: Spit braai machine, gas & labour.

6.6. We cut the meat and will also dish it for your guests from out of the chafing dishes.

6.7. Clearing the crockery and cutlery from the tables / collect it from the guests is also automatically

included, if making use of our crockery and cutlery for the function.

  1. Meat portions

7.1. We strive for excellent service and generous food portions plays a big role, but please note the


7.1.1. Lamb on the Spit: 450g / person means “meat on the bone” and not the total amount of

meat on the plate. It’s just like ordering a 600g rack of ribs at a restaurant.

7.1.2. When we quote our clients for 50 guests, we order a lamb of 22,5 kg (50 people x 450g).

7.1.3. When you decide on the 300g / person option, please consider a bigger variety.

  1. Children

8.1. We at Mad About Spit Braai also make provision for children and our tariffs are calculated as follows:

8.1.1. Children under 3 years (free)

8.1.2. Children 3 to 6 years (half price)

8.1.3. Children 7 years + (full price)

  1. Banting

9.1. Please note that if you have Banting guest attending, you will need to order extra meat as well as Greek salad to ensure having enough food for everyone.

  1. Third Party Arrangements

10.1. When a function is arranged on behalf of the client by a third party, written acceptance from the client of the quotation (including agreement to pay the deposit and final invoice) must be provided to Mad About Spit Braai before confirmation will be accepted.



  1. Catering Equipment

11.1. Should any catering / hire equipment be left behind for further use by the client, an additional R320 will be charged for collection the next day.

11.2. The client will be held responsible for any damages while equipment is left in their care.

  1. Instructions

12.1. The client shall be responsible to Mad About Spit Braai for ensuring the accuracy of the terms of any order submitted by the client, and for giving Mad About Spit Braai any necessary information relating to the booking within sufficient time to enable Mad About Spit Braai to perform the quotation in accordance with its terms.

  1. Delivery

13.1. Any time or date stated by Mad About Spit Braai for delivery or removal of goods required in the provision of the services is an estimate only and shall not be an essential term of the contract.

13.2. Delivery & collection will be attempted to all reasonable areas at a venue or facility. However

should the access be restricted or additional time, personnel or facilities be required, any additional

costs will be passed onto the client.

  1. Property

14.1. Mad About Spit Braai shall not be held liable for any loss, theft or damage to any of the Client’s or the Client’s guests’ property during the event.

  1. Payments

15.1. Payment should be made by EFT and proof of payment must be emailed to us to secure your

booking. Please sent proof of payment to info@madaboutspitbraai.co.za

15.2. If you want to pay cash, please arrange this with our office prior to the event.

15.3. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques.

15.4. Any additional costs that were incurred prior, during or post event date, will be invoiced within 7 days after the event.

15.5. We generally do not except credit card payment, but if you must pay via credit card, a 3.3% fee will be added.  

  1. Loss or Damage

16.1. Accept for the neglect and/or wilful conduct of Mad About Spit Braai, its employees, or its agents, the Client is responsible for any loss or damage to hired equipment, from the time of delivery until collected by Mad About Spit Braai, a subcontractor or returned by the client.

16.2. We will try to mitigate any losses as far as possible but any losses or breakages will be charged for

at full replacement cost.

  1. Late Finishes

17.1. The client will be charged R450 per staff member if an event finishes after 11:00pm. This is for the safety of our staff, many whom are young and female. We reserve the right to charge for taxis at

earlier finishing times, for locations where public transport is unavailable, unreliable or unsafe.

  1. Force Majeure

18.1. No liability is accepted for failure of performance due to circumstances out of Mad About Spit Braai control.

18.2. Mad About Spit Braai reserves the right to pass on any additional costs incurred from Mad About Spit Braai suppliers or in-house expenses due to unforeseen demand, restrictions or requirements to fulfil the contract.

  1. Claims

19.1. A claim that the services are not in accordance with the contract will not be accepted by Mad About Spit Braai unless written notice is given to Mad About Spit Braai within five days of the last date of the provision of the services, stating the ground of the claim and enclosing any supporting evidence.

19.2. Mad About Spit Braai liability (if any) to the clients in respect of any defect in the provision of the service or for any breach of the contract by Mad About Spit Braai or agents shall be limited to the price payable to Mad About Spit Braai previously agreed in the quotation.

  1. Allergies

20.1. Mad About Spit Braai cannot guarantee that any produce on our menu has not come into contact with nuts, nut derivatives or other ingredients to which guests may have a serious allergic reaction. We would therefore advise guests with a severe allergy to nuts or other ingredients to talk to us directly to arrange an alternative to the chosen menu.

  1. Client Responsibility

21.1. The client is responsible for providing the following: Heating, power and water, unless agreed prior to the event, and a charge will be incurred for waste disposal, unless agreed prior to an event, and disposal charges will be incurred a clean and safe environment for Mad About Spit Braai staff and guestex